Definition Of claret

a red wine from Bordeaux, or wine of a similar character made elsewhere.

His cellar in Glasgow is still filled with clarets , Champagnes, white Burgundies and Gaja Barbarescos, most of them bought in London.

Example Of claret

  • a passable bottle of claret

  • Accountants reckon that while most of us know the price of turbot or fillet steak, few of us know the price of an obscure Bordeaux claret .

  • Although pupils at Belle Vue Boys school used to wear claret and amber uniforms, they are not the civic colours of Manningham or Bradford.

  • ‘They can wear rich, jewel-like colours such as claret , emerald or very, very deep creams,’ she advises.

  • Examples of complementary colors to a red color theme is burgundy, wine, claret red, dark pink, and purple.

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