Definition Of clang


a loud, resonant metallic sound or series of sounds.

the steel door slammed shut with a clang

make or cause to make a clang.

she turned the faucet on and the plumbing clanged

Example Of clang

  • A loud clang echoed through the hallway as the man dropped the padlock to the floor.

  • A Mediterranean sun had just set, and above the school, hollow bells clanged around the necks of goats, and the chatter of crickets filled the night air.

  • As I dragged myself out from underneath him the door clanged shut with such a final note that I felt a shiver go down my spine.

  • As soon as Rane had disappeared, the big, metal gym doors clanged open and slammed shut.

  • At that precise moment, a gong near the entrance way was sounded, the metallic clang echoing around the Great Hall.

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