Definition Of certitude


absolute certainty or conviction that something is the case.

the question may never be answered with certitude

Example Of certitude

  • All had clashed with their civilian superiors, and their campaigns imploded for the same reasons that led to those clashes: assertions of intellectual superiority, moral certitude and the lack of a common touch.

  • Ally this certitude to an almost faultless ear, a sureness of touch, and his first three books are a remarkable achievement for a poet not yet 30.

  • As the countless number of people whose lives he touched remember, Hillenbrand had patiently disassembled their easy certitudes to reveal for them new understandings which shimmered in their minds the rest of their lives.

  • ‘The moral certitude of the radicals was awesome,’ Field says.

  • But I think - okay, I also hope - that Voegelin is right to suggest that, in the modern world, sincere faith reduces rather than increases the risk of excessive existential certitude .

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