Definition Of cavalier


a small spaniel of a breed with a moderately long, noncurly, silky coat.

They also added the word cavalier to the breed's name.

a supporter of King Charles I in the English Civil War.

Those loyal to Parliament were called Roundheads; those loyal to the king were Cavaliers .

showing a lack of proper concern; offhand.

Anne was irritated by his cavalier attitude

Example Of cavalier

  • A highly romantic and spectacular figure, Stuart will always be remembered as the dashing cavalier - indeed, one of the finest cavalry commanders.

  • Acting in such a high-handed and cavalier fashion does the council no good in the eyes of local people

  • And given our Health Minister's cavalier attitude to HIV / Aids, you'd think this would be one area on which the government could focus a little more attention.

  • ‘If this information is correct our members will be outraged at the cavalier , reckless and disjointed approach to safety management and safe ways of working on the railways,’ he said.

  • ‘There was little experience on which the company could draw, and the majority were cavalier in their attitude to railway finance and accounts’.

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