Meaning Of buccaneering

डाकू करना

Synonyms Of buccaneering


Definition Of buccaneering


daring and adventurous (often used in a business context).

the buccaneering nature of the oil-transport industry

Example Of buccaneering

  • A buccaneering businessman and politician, he built up an impressive empire of railway interests, and if he did not create a large part of the network as George Hudson did, he certainly sustained his interest in it for far longer.

  • An Australian who was a pioneer of aerial reconnaissance flew daring spy flights over Nazi Germany before World War II, but a buccaneering attitude led to his fall from favour, writes Jeff Watson.

  • And we are admirers of his buccaneering , entrepreneurial style.

  • As a buccaneering , inspirational left-back, he displaced Kenny Sansom in the England team and went on to make 78 international appearances between 1987 and 2000.

  • Conservatives longed for the return of a healthy system of independent party politics, freed from the buccaneering methods of an autocratic prime minister and his retainers.

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