Definition Of brooding


(of a bird) sit on (eggs) to hatch them.

Many of the birds are already brooding aquamarine eggs, but some are still in the construction phase.

(of silence, a storm, etc.) hang or hover closely.

a winter storm broods over the lake

showing deep unhappiness of thought.

he stared with brooding eyes

think deeply about something that makes one unhappy.

he brooded over his need to find a wife

Example Of brooding

  • A sustained note of brooding rumination hovers over most of the disc.

  • Above the sky was a brooding purple, threatening a downpour.

  • Already in 1943, Bohuslav Martinu, in exile in America, had composed his brooding symphonic meditation Memorial to Lidice.

  • An hour later as the airplane comes buffeting into land at Wellington airport all you see are fangs of rock lashed by foam, black storm clouds on the horizon and brooding hill ranges.

  • As he glanced from picture to picture his eyebrow knotted in brooding thought, his head shaking gently from side to side.

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