Definition Of breeches


a person's buttocks.

The punishment of the men is to be laid on a bench and slapped on the breech with a pair of boots.

put (a boy) into breeches after being in petticoats since birth.

In those days it wasn't customary to breech a boy until he was about four.

short trousers fastened just below the knee, now chiefly worn for riding a horse or as part of ceremonial dress.

He was still a little mad she had worn breeches under her dress.

the part of a cannon behind the bore.

The British reloaded their weapons, filling the breech with powder and using their rods to push in the balls.

Example Of breeches

  • a pair of buckskin breeches

  • Cate was perched high in a tree, clad in a loose men's shirt and riding breeches .

  • Each dressed exactly the same as the next, in brown leather riding breeches and tunics the color of dried blood.

  • He was dressed in black breeches , a white loose shirt and cravat, and a long black jacket.

  • He was dressed in black breeches and a royal color shirt with a black cloak around him.

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