Definition Of bollard


a short post used to divert traffic from an area or road.

More than 200 residents have already been issued with special electronic passes to ensure they will be able to raise and lower the two bollards upon leaving or entering the area.

a short, thick post on the deck of a ship or on a wharf, to which a ship's rope may be secured.

Photographs and film both show manila rope still neatly stowed about the ship's mooring bollards .

Example Of bollard

  • Above the bow, to the port side of the wreck, debris from the deck includes a pair of mooring bollards and a small crane that would have been used to service the anchors.

  • All of the cast iron traffic bollards in the town centre are also getting a bright new look.

  • Although tilted on one side, the deck is recognisable from bollards and railings.

  • As you come to the stern, you'll see a metal structure that was once the deck roofing; bollards and mooring cables, airducts and a winch are still clearly visible.

  • Ascending the starboard side of the stern, there are no nets and it is safe to venture a little further forward to meet the deck near a small pair of mooring bollards .

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