Definition Of backslide


relapse into bad ways or error.

converted vegetarians backslide to T-bones

Example Of backslide

  • And so we have shattered expectations, disgust at backsliding , abhorrence at the betrayal of the values we hold dear, and a hefty dose of fear - because if the US can backslide, how safe are the rest of us?

  • But as the slowdown bit, unemployment rose and tax revenues fell, finance ministers became increasingly restive under a regime which asked for balanced budgets and promised fines for backsliders .

  • But then he backslides into the life, re-entering the Web porn business with a partner on a new site featuring himself and ‘other boys he helped recruit.’

  • But they'll suffer more permanent political damage if they look like they're backsliding on their antiwar views.

  • converted vegetarians backslide to T-bones

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