Definition Of antiperspirant


a substance that is applied to the skin, especially under the arms, to prevent or reduce perspiration.

What is the best deodorant / antiperspirant for sensitive skin?

Example Of antiperspirant

  • An antiperspirant doesn't actually prevent odor; instead it blocks your sweat ducts with aluminum salts, thus reducing the amount of perspiration that is able to reach your skin.

  • Anyways, my point is that everyone should apply long-lasting deodorant or antiperspirant on a daily basis because smelling like sweat is definitely a turnoff for everybody.

  • Applying antiperspirant to feet can significantly reduce the sweating that stimulates the growth of aroma-producing organisms.

  • Confused about which antiperspirant and/or deodorant is right for you?

  • For example, we do not use bar soap, dental floss, laundry detergent, Q-Tips, antiperspirant , deodorant, charity lotteries, or soup.

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