Definition Of abreast


alongside or even with something.

the cart came abreast of the Americans in their rickshaw

side by side and facing the same way.

the path was wide enough for two people to walk abreast

Example Of abreast

  • A tiny arched drawbridge spanned the channel, wide enough for two people to walk abreast .

  • Ahead in the light of the rising sun, they walked four abreast : well dressed, totally in black, wearing expressions of serious missions.

  • Before them stretched a long corridor, allowing only three people to walk abreast .

  • Conveying a fluid sense of motion, simple outlines portray two lions walking abreast .

  • Cyclists may feel a little more inclined to use the towpath if pedestrians did not walk four abreast and refuse to give way until the last minute and dog walkers kept their dogs on a short lead and cleaned up after their dogs.

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