Meaning Of about-turn

आस-पास मुड़ना

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  • At this crucial period of their lives they were surrounded by people who, in very many cases, undertook a complete about-turn with regard to their social and political views.

  • But going by the poor performance trends in the growth of the sector, the government had by 1997 about-turned and abandoned the liberalisation of fertiliser and fixed the prices for the whole of the country.

  • But I can't come up with any other force besides the president that would be strong enough to make the military do an about-face .

  • But she must have said something terribly outrageous, indicated in some obvious way that things weren't altogether normal, because he immediately about-faced and ran in the opposite direction.

  • But the optimism rapidly evaporated with his abrupt about-face a few days later.

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