Meaning Of aboard

समीपनौका पर

Synonyms Of aboard


Definition Of aboard


on or into (a ship, aircraft, train, or other vehicle).

the plane crashed, killing all 158 people aboard

Example Of aboard

  • A container, the sort used to ship cargo across oceans and aboard trains, became Vienna's emblem last summer.

  • Among Taylor's wins was a victory aboard Bridal Gal in the New Braunfels Stakes on September 17.

  • At the end of the ceremony at sea, a further eight bells were sounded to mark the end of the watch aboard ship - and the first commemoration of the disaster.

  • Before last Sunday week his biggest win came aboard Eva Luna in the Heinz 57 at Leopardstown in 1994.

  • Darryll Holland also showed how to win from the front aboard Barbajuan in the Iveco Daily Solario Stakes.

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