Definition Of abide


(of a feeling or a memory) continue without fading or being lost.

One memory abides of when, at a very tender age and against the tide, he took up Irish dancing.

accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation).

I said I would abide by their decision

be unable to tolerate (someone or something).

if there is one thing I cannot abide it is a lack of discipline

Example Of abide

  • A central tenet of Shintoism is the concept of kami, spirits that abide in and are worshipped at shrines, representing human beings and things found in nature.

  • As a result of our tumultuousness, there abides in the American psyche an idea so powerful it ennobles us, and lifts us high above the problems which beset us.

  • As ever, his arrogance and ignorance grated on everyone who cannot abide him, and left those who adore him in raptures.

  • As the dreams unfold, we may start to recognize specifics of place, but the sense of Central Park as a lost Arcadia abides .

  • at least one memory will abide

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