Definition Of zip


a zipper.

Miss Stephenson was wearing black baggy knee-length combat trousers covered in zips and chains, and knee-length stripy socks with white Adidas trainers.

energy; vigor.

he's full of zip

fasten with a zipper.

I zipped up my sweater

move at high speed.

swallows zipped back and forth across the lake

nothing at all.

you got zip to do with me and my kind, buddy

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Example Of zip

  • A different Bees side emerged for the second half, and a more familiar zip characterised all they tried to do.

  • A quarter of the songs played on Miami's Power 96 are dance hall, compared with zip two years ago.

  • And you don't have to sacrifice zip for cleaner air.

  • Another tip with regards to this documentation is to pack it somewhere where you can access it easily, but which is secure, say in an inside zip pocket of your rucksack.

  • Anybody who needs to correct someone about beauty college not being a real college has a navy bean for a heart and a kindness quotient of zip .

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