Definition Of zing


energy, enthusiasm, or liveliness.

he was expected to add some zing to the lackluster team

move swiftly.

he could send an arrow zinging through the air

Example Of zing

  • And after the build-up the comedown: a shift in rates is taking some of the zing out of the mortgage market.

  • Anyway, it doesn't alter their vision of the future - one where movies, games and videos zing back and forth through the communications networks of the worlds.

  • ‘Music is what we understand, music is what we care about and music is what adds zing to our life,’ the duo point out.

  • But a combination of solid defending and shots which zing just high or wide, meant that by the time United had found their way back into the game, they were only one goal behind.

  • Even as the two Normans zing each other about their positions on existentialism and foreign policy, they contend on a baser, dirtier plane.

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