Definition Of yowl


a loud wailing cry, especially one of pain or distress.

Muffled cries and yells could now be heard, along with a yowl of pain.

make a loud wailing cry.

he yowled as he touched one of the hot plates

Example Of yowl

  • All I got for my concern was a glare but not long afterwards a great yowl came at the door as she demanded entrance.

  • Cale let out a yowl of pain that the coyotes in Arizona could hear and envy.

  • From the adjacent room came the sudden sound of running water and an insulted yowl .

  • He yowled and barked and I threw that loop for him and he gnawed at it real good.

  • He yowled in pain and jumped up, causing the keys to drop off and Jazz made a huge lunged for it and unlocked herself.

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