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Definition Of yawner


a thing that is considered extremely boring.

the game was a real yawner

Example Of yawner

  • A second commentary by producer David Foster, however, is a yawner - superfluous, dreary, dull, and offering nothing of interest.

  • As Dinosaur proved, slow-moving animals trying to get to safe land is a yawner , no matter who voices the animals.

  • ‘East Coast Angel’ is a yawner , but at least the whole record doesn't fall into the ‘Oh God, is this another REALLY slow song with a piano?’

  • ‘The Hives have been playing the same songs for about two and a half centuries! ‘jokes Swedish rocker Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist before launching into a set of brand new garage yawners .

  • ‘What a yawner ,’ the guard's eyes were slightly mesmerized by the bright, gray light emanating from the television screens.

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