Definition Of yarn


a long or rambling story, especially one that is implausible.

The open fire is a focal point around which many yarns are spun and stories told.

spun thread used for knitting, weaving, or sewing.

There was a guy in there showing a girl how to spin yarn using a spindle.

tell a long or implausible story.

they were yarning about local legends and superstitions

Example Of yarn

  • a fine yarn for a lightweight garment

  • Ann Kemp left Lancashire in the mid-1980s to farm on Islay, hand shearing her own rare breed sheep, spinning their wool into yarn , dyeing it with natural dyes and knitting it.

  • As all wine drinkers know, the Australian wine story is a great yarn .

  • But it's all still a tale, a yarn , a story, a narrative.

  • hanks of pale green yarn

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