Synonyms Of yardmaster


Definition Of yardmaster


a person who is in charge of a railroad yard.

They went to the people closest to the work - the train crews and yardmasters - to get input.

Example Of yardmaster

  • As one retired yardmaster once commented, ‘When they built this yard it was impossible to get blocked in.’

  • Co-ordination of rail movements was the responsibility of a shift yardmaster, who was in contact with the TH & B and CNR yardmasters, and four assistant shift yardmasters .

  • For example, Don Riel, a Society member and retired CSX yardmaster , grew up near the C&O water treatment plant and the fenced-in Russell High School ‘Sportsman Field.’

  • Forester walked into the yardmaster 's office without knocking.

  • However, the yardmaster discovered that Yarbrough had spent some time in a nearby tavern and was drunk, and dismissed him from the service.

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