Definition Of yahoo


a rude, noisy, or violent person.

The young people, they have no religion, and the yahoos are coming home to roost.

expressing great joy or excitement.

yahoo—my plan worked!

Example Of yahoo

  • A couple of years ago, a band of local yahoos vandalized their home, threw bottles of beer through two front windows, kicked in the front door, trashed the garden, and cut the phone line to the house.

  • A rowdy horde of northern yahoos came south for the game, some covered in Voyager-blue body paint, to cheer, chant and harass, intent on distracting the less-experienced Warriors from the match.

  • After months of eating raw fish, facing thirst, sharks, and other terrors, Pi finds himself on an island - yahoo !

  • But there's not much you can do about yahoos or rhetorical hooligans but keep your own head on straight and let them chatter.

  • Can't we organise a whip-round to buy an island where these counter-Enlightenment yahoos can live without bothering anybody else?

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