Definition Of unencumbered

not having any burden or impediment.

he needed to travel light and unencumbered

Example Of unencumbered

  • A company's unencumbered view of its supply chain provides a competitive advantage by being able to react to constantly changing requirements.

  • A short battle ensues, where Arthur, relatively unencumbered by armor, easily dodges the slow and heavy strikes by the black knight.

  • As Conservative MPs elected at this year's general election we represent a new generation unencumbered by the political baggage of the past.

  • Being unencumbered by any public baggage from the Thatcher or Major days is a clear plus, although this comes hand in hand with a whopping lack of experience.

  • Bloggers - unencumbered by the cosy club rules that bind politicians and political journalists - could make a contribution in both areas.

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