Definition Of stool


(of a plant) throw up shoots from the root.

a decoy bird in hunting.

a piece of feces.

More than 80 percent of acute anal fissures will heal spontaneously with the use of dietary fiber to soften and bulk the stool .

a root or stump of a tree or plant from which shoots spring.

Example Of stool

  • stool sample

  • A teacher and an underwear salesman were already seated on stools around the upturned box that doubled as card and coffee table.

  • After another display next winter, they should be stooled - cut right back to within 150 mm of the base.

  • Although blood in the stool suggests invasive disease, fever is not a sensitive indicator of dysentery.

  • And continued loss of small amounts of blood in the stool can lead to anemia.

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