Synonyms Of prearrange

Definition Of prearrange


arrange or agree upon (something) in advance.

did she have a prearranged meeting?

Example Of prearrange

  • And then had come a collapse of trust on all sides, a total withdrawal of trust as if by prearrangement , everyone joining in the attack on the company with complete and ruthless disregard for even common business courtesy.

  • Both the agent and a case officer would go to prearranged electronic letter drop sites at a predetermined time.

  • First, both parties entering the process commit to selecting counsel who willingly bind themselves to prearranged ground rules.

  • He flew from his home in Michigan to Manchester where she met him by prearrangement and the pair flew first to Paris and then took a train to Frankfurt, Germany.

  • It seemed to him that the ground was prearranged into a form of complex geometry.

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