Definition Of lop


branches and twigs lopped off trees.

The discarded lop and top is a potential source of wood fuel.

cut off (a branch, limb, or other protrusion) from the main body of a tree.

they lopped off more branches to save the tree

hang loosely or limply; droop.

a stomach that lopped over his belt

Example Of lop

  • A compromise was reached when 30 centimetres was lopped off the surface, leaving enough gradient to constitute a slope while appeasing opposition clubs that had been troubled by the rise.

  • After lopping down branches from the trees, he drove it into the pond outside his house.

  • And I didn't even ask Annie if she had to get her locks lopped in real life to be in the movie.

  • At the World Championships in July, Crocker edged past the favorite in the 100 meter butterfly, lopping more than a second off his own best time and stunning most everyone who watched.

  • Banks and building societies will lop 20% off the headline rate, and higher - rate taxpayers will be chased for another fifth by the Inland Revenue.

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