Definition Of lactate


(of a female mammal) secrete milk.

I had earlier posted a picture of a stuffed calf hanging from a house front in Mylapore, and speculated that it was meant to keep the cow lactating .

a salt or ester of lactic acid.

Some additives, such as salt, sodium lactate and phosphate, have antimicrobial activity.

Example Of lactate

  • Alcohols, particularly methanol and ethanol, are metabolized to formate and lactate via an aldehyde.

  • Among these species, even lactating females have been reported to switch locations as often as every two weeks, although usually within a small range.

  • As your muscles begin to feel the burn, the body goes into buffer mode, and you release the excess lactate as carbon dioxide as you breathe.

  • At that den, the three lactating females were observed providing food for each other and trading places while nursing pups.

  • Creatine should not be used immediately before exercise, and should not be used by children or by women who are pregnant or lactating .

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