Definition Of khan


(in the Middle East) an inn for travelers, built around a central courtyard.

However, I have since found two eighteenth-century accounts of traveling between Aleppo and Damascus by English travelers, who both report staying at a khan in Qutaifah.

a title given to rulers and officials in central Asia, Afghanistan, and certain other Muslim countries.

In the nineteenth century, the Caucasus and Central Asia were places of untrammeled brigandage and intermittent rebellion, marked by the rule of unpredictable kings and khans .

Example Of khan

  • A mission from Pope Innocent IV in 1246 to the Mongol great khan was politely received but the message back invited the pope to submit.

  • All three khanates fell to the Russians between 1865 and 1873.

  • An ample reference section at the end of the book contains lists of rulers including emperors, ecclesiastics, caliphs, khans , and kings of Serbia.

  • Built in 1792 as a summer retreat, it's a charming legacy of the days when Azerbaijan was a chaotic jumble of rival khanates and principalities.

  • Each of the domes represents a battle in Ivan's triumphant war against the rebellious khan of Kazan.

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