Definition Of jack


a device for lifting heavy objects, especially one for raising the axle of a motor vehicle off the ground so that a wheel can be changed or the underside inspected.

Finally, lower the jack so the wheel is back down on the road.

a device for turning a spit.

When running a spit from a weight driven clockwork jack , it is essential to ensure that the joint or bird is properly centred, or the spit may stop running.

a game played by tossing and catching small round pebbles or star-shaped pieces of metal or plastic.

In Korea, young girls play a game of jacks , tossing small stones onto the ground, throwing a ball up in the air, and and trying to pick the stones up before catching the ball.

a marine fish that is typically laterally compressed with a row of large spiky scales along each side. Jacks are important in many places as food or game fish.

On any dive one can easily spot angel fish, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, jacks and trevailles, barracudas… Finding Nemo would be impossible if he got lost here.

a part of the mechanism in a spinet or harpsichord that connects a key to its corresponding string and causes the string to be plucked when the key is pressed down.

Volume can be increased only by engaging more sets of strings and jacks .

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Example Of jack

  • A mule results from a cross between a female horse, or mare, and a male donkey, or jack .

  • Also, it's useful to remember that in the case of DSL, your broadband connection is available at every phone jack in your house.

  • An earphone jack includes an insulative housing and conductive first, second and third contact members.

  • And while almost all of the others have recording facilities, this is the only one with a microphone jack in addition to the built-in mic.

  • At daybreak they attempted to rouse attention on land; they hoisted the jack for a pilot and at 7 a.m. sent up signals of distress and fired a gun.

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