Definition Of groove


a long, narrow cut or depression, especially one made to guide motion or receive a corresponding ridge.

And that is why we are having a very hard look at the grooves on club-faces right now.

a rhythmic pattern in popular or jazz music.

the groove laid down by the drummer and bassist is tough and funky

an established routine or habit.

his thoughts were slipping into a familiar groove

dance or listen to popular or jazz music, especially that with an insistent rhythm.

they were grooving to Motown

make a groove or grooves in.

deep lines grooved her face

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Example Of groove

  • Accelerate the putter down the line, and you'll groove a sound stroke.

  • Are you more into the hardcore rap or more for the groove in hip-hop?

  • Both were above average, and when Milton got in a groove , he displayed flashes of brilliance.

  • But that will - it will get me into the work groove .

  • But until he relaxes in the batter's box and stops diving for pitches, opposing pitchers aren't going to groove any fastballs his way.

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