Definition Of flame


a hot glowing body of ignited gas that is generated by something on fire.

the flame of a candle

a vitriolic or abusive message posted on the Internet or sent by email, typically in quick response to another message.

flames about inexperienced users posting stupid messages

burn and give off flames.

a great fire flamed in an open fireplace

direct a vitriolic or abusive message at (someone) by posting on the Internet or sending an email.

your opinions and mine are probably different, but please don't flame me

Example Of flame

  • A flame of passion burned within me at his touch, and I only lusted more.

  • a sheet of flame blocked my escape

  • A sugar maple, winch will flame up so brilliant orange in autumn it seems to warm the air around it.

  • After 25-years on and off the road, the flame still burns hot and bright, with the band often clocking in shows at three hours a stretch.

  • All but one of the items ignited when the candle flame came near the decoration and over half completely disintegrated.

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