Definition Of curio


a rare, unusual, or intriguing object.

The units make trays of different shapes, fruit baskets, stands, lamp shades, curios , mats, pen stands, wall hangings, screens, hair clips and even pappad sticks.

Example Of curio

  • Billed as a showcase for exemplary new talent, the series has proven to be more of a bargain bin for antiquated curios .

  • Everyday objects such as ice cream sticks became transformed into vases, penholders, photo frames and curios .

  • Exhibitions of artefacts, curios and products of everyday use are one of the indispensable aspects of city life.

  • For most of the morning the craft stalls on the wharf were visited by people buying curios - from fridge magnets to beaded traditional Xhosa garments and wood carvings.

  • His mother was a collector of curios and ornaments; the kind of thing that would now be sold at antique markets.

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