Definition Of churchwarden

a long-stemmed clay pipe.

either of the two elected lay representatives in an Anglican parish, formally responsible for movable church property and for keeping order in church.

Villagers played an essential role in the upkeep of the local church and its property, which was handled by churchwardens on the parish council (fabrique).

Example Of churchwarden

  • 100 years ago: The vicar and his churchwardens had taken a very decided stand with regard to the non-removal of the organ chamber of All Saints' Church, Pavement, York.

  • A conference to promote church tourism, held recently in Lastingham Village Hall in Ryedale, attracted churchwardens and clergymen from all parts of North Yorkshire.

  • A letter in the parish magazine said: ‘What a shame the churchwardens at St Mary's are unable to show a little Christian spirit with regard to their removal of all flowers and pots from graves.’

  • A meeting between the town council, churchwardens and the Archdeacon of Colchester to discuss the churchyard is set for April 30.

  • A trusted churchwarden who embezzled nearly £30,000 from a charity was able to lie and cover his tracks for seven years, a long-awaited report has revealed.

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