Definition Of calendar


a chart or series of pages showing the days, weeks, and months of a particular year, or giving particular seasonal information.

For the weather obsessed, the calendar features information on the average temperatures each month, the average rainfall and the cycles of the moon throughout the year.

enter (something) in a calendar or timetable.

Indeed, the recently calendared Scottish records indicate that Anna was ‘engaged in startling vigorous political activity’ from 1590 to 1603.

Example Of calendar

  • According to the Chinese calendar , the 12 months are divided into four seasons.

  • Accurate historical records were almost unheard of and every empire used its own calendar system which was often based on totally different criteria.

  • All aspects of how a facility is run right down to the details such as notice board outlining a calendar of activities and information for the public cannot be ignored.

  • All in all a gruelling event which was well attended for a new event on the calendar , 106 riders putting their toes to the line, most never having raced over this distance before.

  • Although the time-scheme of this calendar is subject to frequent revision, a ballpark set of figures is good enough to drive home the point.

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