Definition Of backtrack


pursue, trace, or monitor.

he was able to backtrack the buck to a ridge nearby

retrace one's steps.

she had to bypass two closer farms and backtrack to them later

Example Of backtrack

  • A counterbattery radar system can backtrack the path of enemy projectiles to the launch site and automatically provide location information, telling friendly forces where to fire.

  • A district council has been forced to backtrack on its proposed council tax rise after being warned that it risked being capped.

  • Aberdeen council was recently forced to backtrack on its single status plans after council workers threatened industrial action.

  • Based on their observations, Henry and his colleagues were able to backtrack the Abell 754 collision to its two constituent galaxy clusters, with one smaller than the other.

  • Because there were no other lynx tracks in the area, I was able to backtrack the lynx to the site where the deer was first attacked.

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