Definition Of apply


be applicable or relevant.

the offer does not apply to unionized workers

bring or put into operation or practical use.

the oil industry has failed to apply appropriate standards of care

give one's full attention to a task; work hard.

The fact is girls study harder and apply themselves to tasks more.

make a formal application or request.

you need to apply to the local authorities for a grant

put or spread (something) on a surface.

the sealer can be applied to new wood

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Example Of apply

  • A roller is used to apply ink to the surface, which adheres to the drawn lines, but is repelled by the rest of the damp surface.

  • Accelerated procedure is intended to apply to claims which are certified.

  • And, therefore, I feel now is the time to say we are against appeasement, and we have to apply pressure.

  • Anyone who is entitled to vote and isn't on the register already can apply to get on the Supplement.

  • But when I apply pressure nothing comes out and the flames grow even more ferocious, enveloping the room in what might be a derelict tenement.

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