Definition Of aim


a purpose or intention; a desired outcome.

our primary aim is to achieve financial discipline

American Indian Movement.

have the intention of achieving.

new French cooking aims at producing clear, fresh flavors and light textures

point or direct (a weapon or camera) at a target.

aim the camcorder at some suitable object

the directing of a weapon or object at a target.

his aim was perfect, and the guard's body collapsed backward

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Example Of aim

  • aim for the middle of the target

  • aim the camcorder at some suitable object

  • A faint round of applause built up around him, as some of the younger boys had gathered around to watch the mysterious stranger with the perfect aim .

  • Additionally, aiming is much more interactive, thanks to an over-the-shoulder camera angle which is activated every time you aim your weapon.

  • At its range of 150 kms the army is in no position to obtain the tactical picture to aim the missile.

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