Definition Of advance


a forward movement.

the rebels' advance on Madrid was well under way

an amount of money paid before it is due or for work only partly completed.

the author was paid a $250,000 advance

an approach made to someone, typically with the aim of initiating a sexual encounter.

women accused him of making improper advances

done, sent, or supplied beforehand.

advance notice

lend (money) to (someone).

the bank advanced them a loan

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Example Of advance

  • A number of advance copies were sent to the Jesuits at La Flèche, but with little result.

  • All other conditions to the loan advance have been, or will in the ordinary course be met.

  • And obviously, with an earthquake, you do not get advance notice.

  • Art theft was a serious business for Hitler: even before occupying Holland, he sent an advance team to identify the most desirable collections.

  • As I recall, he was in a similar situation and was forced, because of the House ethics rules, to not end up accepting the advance on the book.

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