Synonyms Of abscission


Definition Of abscission


the natural detachment of parts of a plant, typically dead leaves and ripe fruit.

The presence and balance of plant hormones have been shown to affect abscission of leaves, flowers, and immature and mature fruit.

Example Of abscission

  • abscission layer

  • By contrast, drought hastens ripening and seed maturation for tomato and reduces fruit abscission for lychee trees.

  • Ethylene is involved in many biological processes, like fruit ripening, flower and leaf abscission , senescence, many stress acclimations, and growth.

  • In the absence of water deficit, leaf water potential changes very little, or not at all, during senescence in species where the life span of leaves is terminated by abscission , as in soybeans and other dicots.

  • leaf abscission in trees

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