Definition Of abroad


foreign countries considered collectively.

servicemen returning from abroad

in different directions; over a wide area.

millions of seeds are annually scattered abroad

in or to a foreign country or countries.

we usually go abroad for a week in May

wide of the mark; in error.

Example Of abroad

  • A good summer is the key to getting crowds both from Ireland and abroad into the area.

  • A spirit of enquiry is abroad among the Chinese, and there is a class of students, by no means small in number, who receive with avidity instruction on scientific matters from the West.

  • After all the bitterness in the game over the past few years, there seemed something of a new spirit abroad , to which the persona of Tony Gilbert, the Borders' Kiwi coach, has contributed.

  • Airships regularly landed there bringing tourists from abroad to enjoy the facilities and the area has also hosted a round Britain air race, football cup finals and an international boat race.

  • Anyone who begins to have recurring, shaking chills up to one year after returning home from abroad should seek professional medical care.

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