Definition Of abortive


(of a virus infection) failing to produce symptoms.

The deletion affected gene yajF with unknown function, but associated with genes involved in phage resistance through abortive infection.

causing or resulting in abortion.

abortive techniques

failing to produce the intended result.

an abortive attempt to overthrow the government

Example Of abortive

  • A boat excursion heads out to Port Essington, site of the third abortive British attempt to urbanise the north coast, a decade-long debacle beginning a year into Victoria's reign in 1838.

  • After an abortive attempt to get involved in a franchise selling teddy bears by mail order, she completed a Start Your Own Business course with Fas, borrowed the equivalent of €2,500 and started InterTeddy.

  • After an abortive attempt to rejoin the fighting, he and Evelyn were reunited, got engaged and joined the Resistance, helping Canadian and American airmen shot down over Paris to arrange their escape routes.

  • After more abortive attempts, the Admiralty decided, in 1845, to send Sir John Franklin with two steamers, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, to resolve the problem.

  • After several abortive attempts at spelling the name of the street correctly in his notebook, the officer co-opted some bystanders and dragged the poor horse into Hoe Street.

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