Synonyms Of abortionist

Definition Of abortionist


a person who carries out abortions (typically applied to someone not working in a hospital, or used to convey disapproval of abortion).

‘A so-called Christian who bombs an abortion clinic or shoots an abortionist and says God told him to do it does that act against the Bible,’ Caner said.

Example Of abortionist

  • A 1923 French law increased penalties for abortion to imprisonment for abortionists and their clients.

  • A radical anti-abortion campaigner, Hill died by lethal injection for killing an abortionist and his driver outside a clinic in 1994.

  • A woman might well conceal her condition for four or five months and procure an abortion, at the actual climax of which the abortionist might be prudently absent.

  • All three are abortionists who specialize in late abortions.

  • Australian women, particularly working-class women - unable to pay the high fees that qualified doctors charged for illegal abortions - faced terrible risks at the hands of backyard abortionists , police and official authorities.

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