Definition Of abjure


solemnly renounce (a belief, cause, or claim).

his refusal to abjure the Catholic faith

Example Of abjure

  • After a long and wearisome trial he was condemned on June 22, 1633, solemnly to abjure his scientific creed on bended knees.

  • An analysis of the institutional politics of the tax depreciation cases also lends support to an explanation why the judiciary abjured precise definition of ‘profits’ for income tax or dividend distribution purposes.

  • Disappointed in this, they turned in 1650 to Charles II, who signed the Covenant, but then abjured it at his RESTORATION, condemning it as an unlawful oath.

  • He abjured an inclination to ‘tinker’ with the rate to take account of transient shifts in market conditions.

  • He alone of all men must for an uncertain time abjure this field of endeavour, however great his interest.

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